There are so many people who are sitting around wishing that their bodies looked like this and like that. They are wishing that they would have more energy to get out; they are saying that if they would weigh less, they would be more motivated to do active things.

Trust me when I say that, this was me at one point. I had the wishful thinking (which I did nothing with.) The only way to get out of that deep gutter is to get up and start being active.


“Mind Over Matter” as they say is not just a saying, it can be utilized to crawl to the gym and come out victorious.

The first step is to simply get up…





I would also like to make a disclaimer… do not go hardcore if you have an injury. There is a time and place for hardcore workouts, but if there is a medical issue, please chat with your doctor about how far you can push yourself in order to reach your goals.