Don’t let your diet ruin your perfect workout.

Are you working out hard, and even doing some of the best workout programs such as P90X or Insanity, but still not seeing the results you are looking for?

Most likely, your problem is what you are eating before and after your workout. Food is the fuel for our body, so you need to fuel your body to get best results before you work out. Then, you need to fuel your body properly after your workout.

If this doesn’t happen, then your body will likely to run out of energy so your performance will be lacking, your body will not recover as fast after your rip your muscles, and your body may even start reducing the size of your lean muscle due to improper nutrition.

Take a look at this What To Eat Before And After You Workout infographic to learn more about fueling your body to get the best results.



Main Points Of What To Eat Before And After A Workout:

1. If you are looking to build muscle, your body needs more protein. If you are doing a lot of cardio exercises, then your body will need carbs to be used as energy during exercise.

2. Eat protein 1-2 hours prior to a strength training workout; consume low glycemic carbs 30-60 minute before a cardio workout.

3. Consume protein foods or a protein shake within 2 hours after exercise (within 30 minutes is even better). After a cardio exercise, make sure to replenish your body with water and electrolytes.