Why Women Should Be Lifting Weights

Over a period of time I have spoken to many women who rarely lift weights or not at all. Many of them are not scared of the weight and stress of resistance training, but rather of what it may do to their bodies. Unless you are getting readyfor a woman’s bodybuilding competition, you probably don’t want to look like one of those ladies. What most women want are lean muscles throughout the body.


Resistance Training for Women Find Out How Weight Training Can Help You Lose Pounds


Fitness Magazine states, “Despite the universally acknowledged health benefits of resistance training (and there are scores, from reducing blood pressure to warding off arthritis and strengthening bones, muscle, and connective tissue), of the 12.7 million women who belonged to a commercial health club last year, only about half used weight machines and only one-third lifted free weights, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). ”

Reason Why You Will Not Look Like a She-Hulk

Performing resistance training exercises 2-3 times a week will not make a woman suddenly gain a lot of muscle tissue. In fact, muscle building is greatly dependent on hormones; therefore weight lifting works totally different for males and females. Many studies are showing that weight training (resistance training) can help with muscle toning, better posture, it can reduce aging, increase self-esteem, reduce depression, reduce risk of diabetes, reduce blood pressure, and improve overall performance.

Many women see quick results while running on a treadmill – cardiovascular exercises can help shed water-weight quickly. What is important to understand is that over a period of time, such results might diminish. Many women also point out that they would love to lose the last 10 or 15 lbs (usually in the belly area), but it is very hard. Resistance training can help tone up the body overall when combined with cardiovascular exercises (running, jumping, dancing).

It is also imperative to remember that resistance training is not all about lifting a barbell. Resistance training can be performed with resistance bands, and even with just your body. Exercises such as push-ups and pull ups will build muscle. There are a number of ways to exercise all of your muscles even if you do not have a gym membership or free weights at home.

Losing Pounds Through Weight Training

While performing resistance exercises, the muscle tissue is broken down (that’s why it feels sore). In order to rebuild the muscles, the body uses energy, calories, and nutrients that we put in our bodies. The more weight training (resistance training) you do, the more calories you will burn. Since rebuilding muscles takes a while, your body will actually burn calories long after you have performed your work out. You will be burning calories in your sleep! How great is that.

Resistance training will tone up your muscles while burning fat. The results can be seen in a very short period of time (unlike with cardio exercises only). The strength that you will gain will help you perform your exercises better with every week so you can lift more weights, so more reps, and increase your intensity . Additionally, as you start seeing amazingly fast results, you will most likely want to keep working out because of your self-esteem boost and increased levels of energy.

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Easy Fitness Plan

1. Write out a plan of different exercises for each day of the week or get a full program like P90X (90 day program) or Insanity (60 day program).

2. Each day work out different body parts so that they have time to recover before the next time you work them out. A free website SparkPeople offers a number of exercise demos for all parts of the body. Here you can even track your exercises and nutrition.

3. Remember to take a recovery drink after a hard work out. Recovery drinks have a lot of protein in them which helps to rebuild muscles.

4. Stay consistent. You may start slow at first, but over time your work outs will become easier. When it gets a little too easy, switch up your intensity, add weight, or do more reps.

5. Find a buddy or a group. It is important to have some kind of accountability when exercising. Find a group or a friend who wants to work out with you. Be accountable and do not skip your scheduled work outs.

6. Stretch! Never do a workout and simply walk off. Always stretch before and after your exercises. Without stretching your muscles will get very stiff and you will be prone to injury.

7. Include a nutritious plan in your daily lifestyle. If you are exercising hard but still putting crap in your body, you will not see good results. Good nutrition is very important.