Is your life disorganized and you feel like it’s getting worse by the minute?

Most moms (and dads) feel like the walls are caving in on them; the chores never seem to end, the kids and family always seems to be demanding things from them, and when you are trying to find some time to workout, the whole thing can crash down really hard.

How To Declutter Your Life Tips For Fit Moms And Dads


Staying organized will help you with knowing exactly what needs to be done and when. It will also help you stay relaxed and in control of your day, so that you can easily fit a workout into your day. There are a number of different things you can do to organize your life.


1. Create A Schedule

Without a schedule you have no idea what’s going on in your life. You won’t believe how many parents say that they don’t have a schedule and that they don’t use a planner!

Things to schedule:

1. Wake up time

2. Personal time

3. Family time

4. Work time (especially if you work at home)

5. Workout Time

6. Chores

7. All of the activities

8. Sleep Time

Notice, I added both wake up time and sleep time. These are very important. When we don’t have a time set to wake up and to go to sleep, we can make our day shorter or longer than it needs to be. We may be skipping on precious time being productive, or we may be staying up for too long and not getting enough sleep. Neither of these two options are good for the body and mind.


2. Clear Your Workspace Every Week

Workspace somehow always finds a way to get cluttered! Clear your workspace on weekly basis. You can do it on a Sunday or on a Monday morning in preparation for the next week to come.

A clear space will help to relax your mind; disorganized space equals disorganized mind and disorganized life. Cleaning your work area will make you become more efficient. Add clearing your workspace to your to-d0 list so you can check it off your list, which will make you feel productive instanteneously.

3. Keep Track Of Ideas

We have so many ideas running through our heads, but it’s so hard to keep track of them all. Write down all of your ideas so you don’t have a cluttered mind.

Organize your thoughts on paper or even with an app on your smart phone! The best app that I find works well is Evernote. You can quickly snap pictures, create lists, and sort through documents, add notebooks and notes, and even set reminders.

When all of your ideas are written down, then you can focus on you workout during workout time. Nothing else should be interfering with your fitness goals at that time.

4. Throw/Give Away What You Don’t Need

Organizing your life means decluttering your home. Throw away or give away all of the thing that you haven’t use in over a year. Sure, sometimes we want to hold on to that special gift we received from our grandma, but unless you have a place to display it properly, pass it onto someone else.

Declutter your closets, basement, garage, bedrooms, kids rooms, and storage areas.

Find a place for all of the things you decide to keep. This may mean that you need to install some shelves, buy some hooks, or see through containers. Make sure you mark each one of those so you know exactly where everything goes.

After you are done, you will not only feel accomplished, but your mind will be at ease.


5. Don’t Shop For Useless Things

Last, but not least, stop shopping for things you don’t need. I see so many people wandering around the mall, garage sales, flea markets, looking for that bargain.

Ask yourself these questions before purchasing anything:

1. Do I need this

2. Will I use it more than once in the next year

3. Can I wait to get it

4. Do I have space for this item or do I need to create a space for it first

5. Do I have the money for it, or can I use my money for something more productive

Get in the habit of asking yourself these questions. You will not only stay organized, have time to get fit, but also save money.


All of the above steps will help your mind feel at ease, which means that you can really focus at tasks at hand such as working out and leading a healthy lifestyle.