If you are like me, busy all day long, then you probably cannot make it to the box every time for an intense workout. Sure boxes are great, they spark us with inspiration, but in some instances they are a little out of reach. For some people it may be the lack of time, for others it may be the overpriced number on that bill.

Either way, Crossfit does not have to be performed at a Box. You can bring an intensity at home and crawl out of your personal gym just as you would out of a box sweating,  collapsing, and bleeding (ok… all that depends on how far you want to take it).

Exercise # 1 – Burpee

Yep, I said it! Get busy doing Burpees. Heck, you don’t even need any gear to do this exercise, which means you have no excuses.

Make sure to do your Burpees the proper way to reduce injury and get the most out it. Click on the link below to learn the proper technique to do this exercise.

Burpees target multiple areas at the same time, especially if you add a push up in between.

Doing 4 sets of 15 Burpees can be sufficient to start. As you get better, then can add the number of Burpees per set or increase number of sets you perform.

Exercise # 2- Kettlebell Swing

You will need a kettlebell for this exercise. If you are looking to perform Crossfit exercise on regular basis at home, I woulld suggest getting a couple of different sizes.

In order to do a Kettlebell swing, you will need to stand up with your feel slightly bent as if you were sitting down on a chair (sort of a squat position). Next, swing the kettlebell from front to back in between your legs and then back to the front. Your arms can stop at about the height of your face, or you can swing it through to raise the kettlebell above your head. As you bring the kettlebell forward, your hips should thrust to the front in a very quick motion.

Depending on the weight you are using, you should be able to perform 10-25 reps in one set.


Crossfit fitness Kettlebells swing exercise workout at gym


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Exercise # 3 – Squats

Here’s another exercise which can be done without any equipment. Squatting will make those legs nice and strong and will take care of the saggy butt syndrome. People love to hate squats, but learn to love them. Legs have the biggest muscles in the body so they will not only start looking great, but you will be burning more calories by doing this exercise.

You can do body weight squats which means that you are not using any additional weight. If you feel like these squats are no longer making progress, then pick up some dumbbells or kettlebells do add extra resistance.

Exercise # 4 – Box Jumps

Wow, box jumps are definitely a high intensity exercise. I love box jumping as it works the legs and is a cardiovascular exercise at the same time.

Before you get yourself a plyometric box consider how big of a height you can currently jump to. Plyo boxes come in different sizes. They usually range anywhere from 6 to 30 inches in height. The more you practice box jumps, the better you will get and can move on to the next size.

Some people do simple box jumps during which you stand next to a box, jump on top of the box, and then back down. Others like to mix their exercises up. For example, you can jump on the plyo box, but when you jump back down get into a squat position and do a Burpee, then jump back on the box. This way you do two intense exercises at the same time. Fun times!

ALternative way to use plyo boxes is to jump from the small onto a shorter box, then jump to the next highest, and then the next. Your boxes will be set up like stairs. You can leave as little or big of an opening between your boxes (depending on your performance levels).

Note: Box jumps don’t always go as expected and some people manage to hit their shins on the boxes. This is where knee high sockscome into play. When I do Crossfit, I always wear my knee highs.

Exercise # 5 – Forearm Planks

Although forearm plans may look like a very easy exercise, let me assure you it is not. When you first start doing this exercise you may only for for 15 to 30 seconds. Gradually increase your forearm plank to a minute and more.

Make sure that your lags do not droop down, keep your core tight as your back should make a straight line. Your head also should not be looking up or down, Pick a point on the floor approximately a foot away from your head to look at; this may help you keep your neck to stay in the right position. When I do planks, I use my eyes to guide my head position and to keep focused throughout the exercise.


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Exercise # 6 – Lunges

I love doing lunges, sure it will hurt the next day, but it will get the job done. Lunges also target the biggest part of the body. I usually do leg exercises once a week unless I am performing a while body workout. During a WOD throw 4 sets of 30 lunges and you will be good to go. Make sure to stretch after or you may not be able to walk the next day. No pain, no gain right?

You can do lunges with just body weight or you can add some resistance by holding weights in your hands. You can even do step up lunges by using a bench to step up on and as you step down going into a reverse lunge. There are a lot of possibilities for this exercise.

Exercise # 7 – Dips

Ok, so not everyone has olympic rings hanging in their home gym. Doing regular dips is the next best thing. Dips mainly workout triceps and some of the chest muscles.

Dips can be done in many different ways. The basic way to do dips is on a bench by facing away from the bench, placing your hand on the bench and getting your butt close to the bench. Your legs can be in front of you either bent or extended (depending on your activity level).

You can also do dips by placing another bench in front of you and placing your legs on top. To add more resistance, you can place weight plates on your thighs (for experienced athletes).

If you have no equipment, then simply grab a chair or head out to a park and find any empty bench to perform your dips. As I said earlier, no excuses!

Exercise # 8 – Hand Stand Hold

This exercise can be hard for beginners. For someone like myself with an injured shoulder I would not recommend it. If you have no problems in your shoulders or your hands, then go ahead and go for it.

Regular hand stand hold can be done for 15 to 30 seconds at the beginning, later you can increase your time as your get better at it.

You can even add a push up and turn this exercise into a hand stand push up.

Exercise # 9 – Sit Ups

In Crossfit sit ups are not done the same way as most people perform them. Regular sit ups do not provide a full range of motion. The first thing you would need to do is to make sure your back is padded. Most Crossfit Boxes use  Abmats and I would suggest getting one for your home workouts.

Padding your back will increase your range of motion to work the entire abdominal group. It will also reduce the risk of injury and will make the exercise more comfortable to do.

Exercise # 10 – Jump Rope

Remember jumping rope as a child? We see Crossfit Boxes using jump ropes because it’s such an intense exercise. Once you have learned how to do regular jumps, you can start doing Double Unders which means you jump two times while swinging the jump rope once.

Jump rope exercises can be a lot of fun. You can do 4 sets of 50 jumps to start and increase your numbers as your go.