Crossfit socks are part of a certain style of workout gear. They are just knee high socks which are usually worn with shorts by women who perform Crossfit exercises. Don’t worry, even if you are not doing Crossfit workouts, you can still wear them. 

Lets discuss why you would want to wear these type of socks.

Crossfit Socks Look Bad Ass

Firstly… they look awesome!!! There is no denying that these knee high socks add a certain feel to the outfit. As soon as I put my knee high socks on, I feel like a bad ass! Most of my Crossfit socks come with cool sayings like “I Know Squat” or “No Pain No Gain.”


2. Crossfit Socks Add Compression

As far as functionality goes, Knee high socks add compression which helps with blood circulation during intense workout or during marathon running.

There are no definitive studies whether or not this actually helps recovery post workout, but hey, many people do use them with compression in mind.

3. Knee High Socks Save The Shins

Lastly, many Crossfitters utilize these socks so that they do not bruise or scrape their shins during deadlifts or box jumps. These socks can come in handy especially for people are who are just starting out because falls will happen; do these socks will serve well as a precaution.

The more reps and rounds you complete, the less likely you will have a good form, so wear the socks and keep yourself from injury. You’ve been warned 😉