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Tabata – High Intensity 4 Minute Crossfit Workout

Tabata is a high intensity workout which only takes 4 minutes. If you have been hitting the gym for hours and hours and you are not getting many results, then Tabata may be an answer for you. I learned about Tabata style workouts through Crossfit and I believe it’s the best way to get results fast. In order to perform Tabata exercises you have to be 100% in. You cannot cheat at this workout because if you do, you will not get any results. If you do a Tabata workout as intensely as you can, you should look like...

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High Intensity Crossfit Home Workouts

If you are like me, busy all day long, then you probably cannot make it to the box every time for an intense workout. Sure boxes are great, they spark us with inspiration, but in some instances they are a little out of reach. For some people it may be the lack of time, for others it may be the overpriced number on that bill. Either way, Crossfit does not have to be performed at a Box. You can bring an intensity at home and crawl out of your personal gym just as you would out of a box...

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You Don’t Get The Ass You Want By Sitting On It

There are so many people who are sitting around wishing that their bodies looked like this and like that. They are wishing that they would have more energy to get out; they are saying that if they would weigh less, they would be more motivated to do active things. Trust me when I say that, this was me at one point. I had the wishful thinking (which I did nothing with.) The only way to get out of that deep gutter is to get up and start being active.   “Mind Over Matter” as they say is not just...

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Awesome Knee High Socks For Crossfit Or Regular Workouts

Crossfit socks are part of a certain style of workout gear. They are just knee high socks which are usually worn with shorts by women who perform Crossfit exercises. Don’t worry, even if you are not doing Crossfit workouts, you can still wear them.  Lets discuss why you would want to wear these type of socks. Crossfit Socks Look Bad Ass Firstly… they look awesome!!! There is no denying that these knee high socks add a certain feel to the outfit. As soon as I put my knee high socks on, I feel like a bad ass! Most of...

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