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Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 Shoes Review

Reebok finally put out Crossfit Nano 5.0 shoes and these babies are amazing! They are definitely up to the Crossfit vigorous standards. Below is our Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 shoes review that will hopefully help you decide if they are perfect for your needs. Check out our review of Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 Shoes if you haven’t already, because these are still a very good shoe. We will discuss below the differences and similarities of both. The biggest thing that Reebok did going from Crossfit Nano 4.0 to Crossfit Nano 5.0 is the got rid of the heavy cage that Reebok...

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How To Do A Crossfit Snatch

Crossfit Snatch is a great movement, but it takes a little bit of practice to get it done correctly. If you have never done a Crossfit Snatch before, make sure to follow all of the directions or you won’t be able to bring the bar over your head and in a worst case scenario hurt your back. A good Crossfit Box will ensure that you take a 1 or a 2 day class of proper lifting techniques. If your Box does not offer the beginners course, ask around to find out which Box does. You don’t want to start...

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Your Stomach Shouldn’t Be A Waste Basket Image Quote

  How can we be healthy when we put so much garbage into our bodies every day? Health starts with the food (or fuel) that we use to run our bodies (the machines). We are just like any car… put crappy fuel in, it won’t run, it will keep breaking. Lets stop pretending that we have no idea why we are getting sick, why diabetes, heart problems, and so many other diseases are on the rise… We simply do not take care of our bodies. Stop being lazy, and think ahead of time before you grab something when you...

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SoRock Women’s Unicorn Mode Funny Crossfit Shirts

In need of a funny crossfit shirt? Here’s an adorable “Unicorn Mode” workout tank made by SoRock! The back of this tank says “Always Be A Beast Unless You Can Be A Unicorn Then Always Be A Unicorn” SoRock Women’s Unicorn Mode Funny Crossfit Shirts Here are some other awesome Unicorn workout gear you may want to mix and match with: SoRock Women’s Awesome Unicorn Tri-Blend Tank Top XLarge Grey SoRock Women’s Unicorn Hater Burnout Tank Top Medium Grey SoRock Women’s Unicorn WOD Burnout Tank Top Medium Black SoRock USA Unicorn Tri Blend Tank Top Medium Grey SoRock Rainbow...

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7 Quick At Home Workout Routines That Will Torch Calories In No Time

  If you are trying to lose weight and get fit quickly, then you have no time to waste on 45 minutes to an hour fitness routines. The best way to get in shape quickly is to do high intensity interval training. It means that you will be burning more fat during a shorter period of time. You don’t need to go to the gym and can do all of these routines from the comfort of your home. What’s the catch? … You have go give it all you got during your workout. There should be no slacking or...

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The Sox Box Yay Burpees Crossfit Socks

Excited to get your Burpees on?  Here is a great pair of Crossfit socks to wear for your next workout and stay motivated to hit those Burpees! These knee high socks are made out of very comfy material and do not roll down during even hardest WODs. We’ve tried many other types of high knee socks that are simply not workout friendly; the Yay Burpees socks are exceptional in that aspect. Sox Box definitely knows how to make quality socks for workouts. Many of their socks have inspirational workout messages such as “Get Low“, “I Know Squat“, “Strong Mama”...

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